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June 4, 2011

Tutorial GWT Request Factory – Part I

by Stefan

Update 30.12.2012: All examples are reviewed and updated to GWT 2.5. Enjoy!
Update 24.09.2011:
I finally managed to push the complete tutorial project to github. It is based on GWT 2.4. 2.5. Looking forward to your feedback.

The first part of this tutorial describes how to set up a Request Factory (RF) based client-server communication in GWT. In contrast to the example at GWT home, a classic DAO pattern is used at the server-side with a clear separation between entity (passive, stateful) and dao/service (active, stateless). As this is not the default way, some additional helper classes (“locators”) need to be implemented. However, I think the benefit of a cleaner architecture is worth the price of some additional lines of code.

The second part will deal with testing RF-based classes in the GWT client.


You should have the GWT SDK installed and a GWT compatible project in the IDE of your choice available. To make the example run you need some additional libraries on the classpath:

  • org.json.*
  • a JSR 303 Bean Validation implementation, e.g. hibernate-validator

When using Maven, simply add these dependencies:


<!-- Validation API -->

<!-- Validation Implementation -->

<!-- Need some logging provider for SLF4J -->

Without Maven you can use gwt-servlet-deps.jar from the GWT SDK (containing the JSON packages) and download the hibernate-validator jar with its dependencies.

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