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October 25, 2012

2k Unit Tests in One Year – Lessons Learned

by Stefan

I was in the lucky position to work on a green field project during the last two years. At the time the project started someone pointed me to the clean code books by Robert C. Martin. The proposed approach to professional software development seemed to be refreshingly different to the approach I was used to before. So the direction was clear: most of the code that has been created during the last two years was written test driven. I found myself writing an amount of tests in a way I never did before. I actually wrote something between 1k and 2k tests in the first year which is more than 5 tests per day. Today, the whole test suite is more than twice the size and provides a code coverage of more than 90 percent. (footnote: the UI code is actually split using an MVC like approach. The view code is not tested at all, as it doesn’t make sense IMHO to test the composition and labeling of widgets with unit tests.)

The Debugger was my best friend

When I started developing software in my first job, the debugger was my best friend. I used it to understand existing code, and even more important, to verify that my logics work. I was really proud that I was able to watch and inspect several variables simultaneously. Debugging code was one of the great insights I gained and I considered it to be the key to mastering software complexity.

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