Eclipse JUnit Editor Templates

by Stefan

I recently had to set up a new Eclipse (STS) workspace and one of the first things I do is configuring some templates for JUnit Tests. Most of the tests have a skelleton like this:

import org.junit.Before;
import org.junit.Test;

public class SocialNetworkGeneratorTest {
  private SocialNetworkGenerator generator;

  public void setUp() {
    generator = new SocialNetworkGenerator();

  public void testSth() {
    // do sth with "generator" field

The following Eclipse Editor Template creates the setup method and stores an instance of the class under test in a field. It also handles all necessary imports.


  private ${type} ${name};

  public void setUp() {
    ${name} = new ${type}();

Simply assign a catchy name for the template like setup and I’m sure you will have even more fun when writing JUnit Tests.

Adding a Java Editor Template in Eclipse

For the sake of completeness the template for test cleanup:

  public void tearDown() {

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